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Wander the streets of Orangeville and marvel at the creative beauty of 58 intricately carved tree sculptures. The Town of Orangeville has turned the streets into a public gallery of art by transforming trees that have come to the end of their life cycle into beautiful and unique displays of art. With a large artistic community in the region, the Art Walk of Tree Sculptures has attracted a lot of attention from residents, visitors and carvers since its beginnings in 2003. The Art Walk of Tree Sculptures now features the work of more than 19 carvers, with each carver displaying his own creative abilities. Whether you love the friendliness of the Waving Bear by Walter vanderWindt, the refined details of the The Letter Carrier by Jim Menken or the spirit of the Dancer by Bobbi Switzer, you are sure to find a favourite in the Art Walk of Tree Sculptures.

Download your copy of the Art Walk of Tree Sculptures Brochure or pick up a print copy at Orangeville Town Hall (87 Broadway) or the Orangeville Public Library (1 Mill Street).


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